Newport Beach Pageants

7th Annual Miss Newport Beach

2nd Annual Miss Corona


Welcome to the 7th annual Miss Newport Beach and 2nd Annual Miss Corona del Mar Pageant at the Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club. ~Date To Be Announced~ (please contact the agency at 949-777-6772 for the date.)


2013 Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar Pageants

Dear Pageant Supporters and Contestants,

After having successful pageants since 2008, we will continue the tradition of the annual Newport Beach Pageants including the Miss Corona Del mar Pageants to crown the 2014 titleholders. Beyond our desire to give our community an institution all its own, we also strive to increase attention and consumer traffic to our local businesses and national sponsors, who are so integral in making Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar the thriving cities that they are today.

Additionally, after many requests, we are thrilled to announce the continuation of Mrs. Newport Beach for married ladies and Ms. Newport Beach for Divorced ladies of our community between the ages of 21 and over, along with Miss Newport Beach Angel for ages 3 to 6, Little Miss Newport Beach for ages 6 to 9 Junior Miss Newport Beach for ages 10 to 14, Miss Newport Beach Teen for ages 15 to 18 and Miss Newport Beach for ages 19 to 26. Our winning contestants that qualify continue on through the Miss USA pageant system.

Even more great news, we have added in another category for both pageants; Miss Newport Beach Ambassador and Miss Corona Del Mar Ambassador for our beautiful ladies 55 and over.

You’ll be proud to know your support is going to a very special charity called Children’s Literacy Foundation through the Newport Beach Chapter. We have committed a portion of the proceeds from sponsorship to go to Children’s Literacy Foundation.

You will be proud to know a portion of the proceeds from your support goes to our charity of choice this year Childhelp.